Monday, September 03, 2007

My life in the shell of a nut..well..sorta ;)

So, the long wait has ended. whew! I am so happy! ;) (8/31 post)

I had a fun weekend! Really! Though I didn't go clubbing with my friends on a saturday night (that's because I was so tired and went to sleep early - 9pm), but I did enjoy the time I had with my boyfriend on Sunday. We met up with his cousin at Oxens, (it's a resto cafe)...I only had a couple of beer while my boyfriend drank his way way too much. he got drunk! Grr. We went to SM after we got to hang out with his cousin. And I had to stop him from doing funny things that could have embarassed us at the mall hahaha!

And he called this morning that he will be absent for work coz he has lots of things to do today. So I accompanied him to the bank, paid his credit card bills (good grief), we had lunch together. And then we met up again in the afternoon and got to watch him play basketball hehehe.

I say I had a super fun date since yesterday.

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