Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Nothing super duper good happened today..other than that I'm so tired and sooo sleepy! Ugh.

So yesterday, I picked up my boyfriend from his work and walked around SM City.. rounds of talks and teasing of course hehe. Damn I hate it when he teases me alot.. Coz I easily get "pikon", so it would either I pinch him or I would poke him hehehe. Anyways, we finally have decided to stay at Coffeebreak, Jaro. The place to be hehe.

Also we talked alot..and it was great talking about something nice..something better. Because last week was ultra stressful for the both of us but things are starting to slow down. We've reclaimed our positive attitude. Life is easier than we lead ourselves to believe. Our body is so eager to stress out but we have to fight it. Life can be simple... it's also shit sometimes but we have to learn to just slide through it. I love this man so much. And I tell you, I have the loving, sweet and best boyfriend in the world. And I can see his changes.. it's like he still grows and flourish, (coz you know others wilt and just die off.) and I'm so proud of him because he is not afraid of learning to be mature. I suppose its the whole "change and mature" aspect of it all that freaks other people out. And he is in a constant change, an old soul who is fearless in his journey. And that makes me real proud. :D

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