Monday, October 01, 2007

I Have A Bit Of Things To Say

Still goomy and rainy outside. However, without thunder and lightning. Thunder scares me. lol. I woke up today to a bright flash outside my window, but it didn't last longer. I hope the sun is coming back soon.

My weekends was boring. I didn't go out on a Saturday night coz of it was raining. Friends didn't go out as well. So that didn't hurt me hehehe. Sunday was ok.. we picked up my cousin from the airport. Had fun talking with her though. My guy friends texted me to have some coffee.. unfortunately, heavy rain was a killjoy. They just called to cancel the coffee thingy. So I just stayed home texting with my boyfriend. He was with his family and relatives, but still managed to spare some time checking up on me. He even called just to make kulit.. teasing that I'm on speaker phone! (which at first I thought I wasn't.. but then again, I was on speaker phone). We're chatting right now.. and how can he miss teasing me again? lol. Silly man.

So, it's Monday once more, October the 1st, and so far it has been very productive, but we have so much more to do! Humph, life can be so daunting at times. But what can you do? Work has been acting crazy lately, some of my officemates are starting to dislike it. But the rest of the team I'm working with are OK. Not the kind of people I'd hang out with but not the kind I'd run away from either.

And lately... I discovered a lot about human behaviour at work..and also in the our society. People at the moment are really annoying and I can’t stop myself from constantly contemplating WHY?

  1. WHY are so many people assholes?
  2. WHY do they say one thing and do another?
  3. WHY do they behave like idiots?
  4. WHY, WHY, WHY?
  5. And how can I use their behaviour to my advantage?

I think I’ve found the answer, we are working through it at the moment. When I’ve figured it out fully, I think all these my problems i have in mind at the moment or many of them will be solved. It should be an interesting experiment. Doncha think?

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