Thursday, December 20, 2007

Do Not Waste Your Existence

I've been finding myself vaguely overwhelmed, and i think I'm going to go into it. It will probably be a little strange.

As I look over I see the one I love and cherish and known. I cannot see myself away from him and I cannot see us apart. Well, this is how i see thing as of the moment.

I'm feeling kinda fluffy today, kinda fluffy and lethargic, lethargic and unsightly, unsightly and sleepy. Eating fries and drinking Coke and floating in a dreamworld.

Oh yeah...

Welcome to my dreamworld. Here, I've got books (because I love to read), DVDs (because I'm a movie marathon queen), computer games and good memories, tempting each other to kiss, tempting each other to make love, and get stuck in a make-out room (hahaha), stuck in that groove that will eventually drive you crazy (yeah!), that's what it's there for, it's sole purpose to send you to another planet, another plane, a distant memory, echoing what you were. Echoing who you know and you're happy and no sadness, no melancholy. Limbo is non existent and Earth is all that we have to base ourselves in.

So, if you do not make use of your time here and if you die miserable and unhappy.. what a waste. What a waste you have made of your only existence.

I am pushing myself to obtain everything I want. I will do it because I won't waste my existence. And I am wandering, wandering on a road contemplating. For i am not what they thought. For I am not what they wanted. But I am contemplating the meaning of myself. And i realize I exist. Nothing, and no one can stop that.

Not him. Not her. Not you.

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