Thursday, January 17, 2008

Formulating My 2008

Ok.. this entry was on draft.. January 02, 2008, but I forgot to publish it..and I'm doing it now. So...looking back on the last year, I've done lots of things that I love doing. I think it's nice to let you know my resolutions and see what should I be doing this year.

1. Do new things. Do scary things.
  • Yes. do wildly practical, self-preserving, healthy and possibly uncomfortable things. Hmm.. bungee jumping? Tee-hee!
2. Take better care of those who take care of me.
  • i have to work more on great with this. And I will try to be more responsible with the hearts of those that help and love me.
3. Less defense mechanisms.
  • Yep. my boyfriend and I are open with each other.. so I think I just have to be more honest when I'm feeling hurt. yeah. I'll work more on this.
4. Less rush, more patience.
  • Careful deliberation never hurt anybody. being more responsible helps with this. also, working and having a lot of structure helps to cut down on the crazy.
5. Cook.
  • a lot. Waaahh. I want to learn how to cook. To survive! I can do some cooking.. I just know how to fry foods.. but not nearly enough. Eek! Lol.
6. To have more blissful experience.
  • I will find more of 'em and enjoy them.
7. Work Better. Make do on less.
  • oh yeah. I will try to learn how to spend less money. for real.
8. Wear what's already in my closet. (What?)
  • I will try.. but if I have a lil extra, I do shop for jeans, giant bags and shoes! i want more patent shoes this year! (oops, reads number 7 again.) hahah!
9. Travel.
  • I want to travel a lot this year. Hec and I are still planning. I hope I won't jinx our plan by writing this.
10. Write.
  • I love to write. So expect more updates from me. Also letters and emails and stories and articles.-- ummm. sort of. I did lots of these when I was in school.
11. Show More Love
  • that includes kisses, cuddles and more! -- these are a warm gun momma!
12. Minimize drinking.
  • Yep.. I might not stop .. but I will try to minimize drinking. I've been a drunken mess lately.
Again, I hope I won't jinx everything by writing this. Because I will be staying on the path i'm on and making more progress.

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