Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vicious Cycle

I was just informed that it was a womans fault that men are the way they are. I just had a talk with this guy, and I feel a debate arising.

IN MY OPINION, relationships are a vicious cycle.

[This goes out to the person who I just had an argument with]
So you said the reason why men sleep around is because they don't feel the need to settle down? Uh-huh.

Why? Because you got your feelings hurt by some girl who didn't necessarily know what she wanted? Is this the reason why you treat your girlfriend now or the girls you are involved with the same way she treated you? Honestly, does that justify anything?
And you go around, sleeping with girls, playing with their minds, treating them the same way your ex treated you, knowing it hurts her... justifying what you did with "I'm broken from my ex and she's a b**ch for f***ing me over".

What about the ex? What happened to her in the past to influence her relationship decisions? The same as YOU.

It has to stop. the vicious cycle has to stop.

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