Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random Thinking

So far today...well..lately, has been all about deep thinking. Thinking...and more thinking. I can't stop THINKING. It keeps me from sleeping, from eating, from laughing..but it also keeps me creating and writing down new ideas. I know where I want to end up...but I don't know what choices to make along the way. Choices...

Do you believe we really make them? Or do you believe it is an illusion and that our choices are pre-destined?

Sometimes I wonder...

I wonder all the time about a lot, when I'm alone. My mind just doesn't stop. Is this what I get for having insomnia? And being an insomniac leaves me extra time to get lost in my thoughts.

Well, I had a pretty weekend. Been sleeping the whole Saturday, and spent the day with Hectril. We watched a movie, grabbed ourselves alcoholic beverages, and had a fun talk. And cuddles of course. You wouldn't want to know what happened after that.

And today, I feel like I'm floating. Like i'm high on something. Weird. Hmmm.. after I'm done here, I need to hop home. Hectril is picking me up. With any luck he will be here before 7:30am.. making him late for his work. And he will be busy the whole day at work, while I will be busy sleeping. I hope I can get an 8 hour sleep...and dream of something nice.

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