Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stress - The New Kind of Diet

I beg to differ
Make me an offer...
Warm summer rain?

I'm still going to stick on my decision.

Before you all say something about me not needing to or how I can't eat enough types of food as it is. But wait. Read on. This is not a food diet. (I like food too much and being "sick" means there is a ton of stuff I can't eat..So don't fret, I'm not trying to starve myself!)

A diet, figuratively, means cutting down on something right? [this is bypassing the fact that it also means a council in the former roman empire and a legislative body in Japan]. Well, in that case I'm going on a stress diet...I'm cutting stress out of my daily life. That's it, I'm done with it.

Easier than it sounds, but I have heard diets are hard, so...y'know I'm going to try and stick to this one.

See, stress is what's causing the majority of my issues; the apathy, the distorted view of myself, the general lack of doing anything constructive. It IS also making me sleep badly, sometimes feel disorientated and have a general lack of desire to move. This could also be attributed to boredom.

So instead of groaning I am going to make a positive start on it...tomorrow :p , but really, I am, I have a load of stuff going on this month of April which means I will have very little spare time.

That aside, Hec is with me giving all his support. Though we hardly hang out together than usual, he still picks me up from work everyday. And that makes me a happy bunny. I really appreciate everything that he has been doing for me... even if they are little things, they still mean a lot. I love my Hecky poo.

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