Saturday, May 24, 2008

What Makes My Ears Happy?

There is a ton of music out right now. and I will give you a list of what I have been listening to lately. [this is not a sponsored post].

1. Man Man (Rabbit Habits) - horn flourishes, accordion, fiddle, crashing percussion, and xylophones that will make you picture skeletons dancing, this album walks a fine line between artistry and kitsch.

2. Portishead (Third) - I love listening to Portishead since I was in high school. Whoah. the band hasn’t been living in a time capsule for the last 11 years. Darker, heavier, and with far different timbres, the only recognizable elements are Beth Gibbons’ expressive, quavery voice and a general commitment to innovation.

3. Black Mountain (In The Future) - this album takes a tour through the best of rock-and-roll history. If you're into Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors and Black Sabbath.. man oh man, you gotta listen to this album!

So, tell me what grinds your ears?

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