Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Knocking on Death's Door

I just got a text from a friend, reminding me that today is the death anniversary of our friend back in high school. Dee Imperial is gay and died of HIV, a virus that causes AIDS. He was only 20 years old when he passed away in Maine, USA. He was really funny and sweet and smart. We had a good time with our circle of friends when we were in high school.

After I have read the text, I remember those who have departed, including some of our relatives, my grandpa (dad's side), grandparents (mom's side), my mom's sisters (Tita Inday, and Tita Araceli), and my special grandmothers (Lola Eda, and Lola Cel). I have visited them at the cemetery just yesterday. I had no time to go there on Saturday (because I worked overtime) and Sunday (slept the whole day).

And so, I'm sending my love upwards to them, and to all those unconventional angels who died fighting what of marked them a modern leper of sorts. I wished some of them didn't die in vain and in painful deaths.

Here's to all of the people who have walked on clouds and to arrive at the Heaven's door; and to those who have walked on fire and only to arrive at death's door. May there be an afterlife full of love and beauty for them.

I hope they could hear me loud and clear.

But I hope they won't visit me later. lol.

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  1. It's disappointing when your nearest and dearest leave you to continue their lives in the sky. But it only means that they have already done what they have been given life for.