Thursday, October 01, 2009

Aion Alliance - Newest Online Game

I love playing online games, because it's like a stress reliever to me. I have discovered an online game from MMO and the newest game now is the aion. It is actually a multiplayer combat online game. The graphics is amazing and carried originally from Korea, and has become more famous today. I have checked out aion classes and I find it fun and interesting to be joining the forum and exhanging opinions and ideas with some members or players as well.

This online game can be purchased on a basic pack for only $49.99, or you can get the collector's edition for only $59.99. You can also purchase the collector's edition add on pack for $10 if you already have the original game. The price is not very expensive at all, and for sure you will get your money's worth. So get the game now and enjoy the fun playing this online game.

You can also check out the site if you wish to know more about this, and check out the aion forum for additional information.

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