Sunday, October 11, 2009

BidHere Auction Site

I am not very much addicted to video games, but my boyfriend is dead addicted video games. When he was still in Baguio, I remember him saying he wanted to buy the Nintendo DS Lite. But it was so expensive for him to purchase one. So I asked around if maybe I can buy new or used DS. I also told him maybe we can look online for some Nintendo products that we can purchase or bid on, since he had change his mind whether to get the Ds or the PSP.

If he is much into video games, I am more into music and cameras. With that said, I wanted to buy the new Apple iPod nano 5G with camera. With that, I can listen to may favorite music and take pictures anytime and anywhere.

So to start finding what we are looking for, I have stumbled upon Bidhere, which has the a lot products to bid on. It is actually a penny acution site where products are sold at a lower price. To start bidding, you must be a registered user first, then get 10 free bids for every 100 bids, then for every bids placed you can increase the product price by $0.02. Fair auction guarantee and 100% secure paymet option only at BidHere!

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