Friday, October 30, 2009

Come Back Sem-Break!

This week has been ultra tense and stressful than I could imagine. The only thing that got me nervous was the panelists.. I thought they would really kill us with so many questions. But the panel seemed quite nice, we even managed to make them laugh.

Sem-break is over, but I never had a taste of it. In fact, I already have enrolled myself for the Second Semester. Lower year students have been enjoying the break already, but we, as graduating students, have been coming back to school like everyday for the final submission of our research paper and term papers, and also have our endorsement letters signed by the coordinator for the OJT. But I don't think I will be needing that since I already have a work experience for how many years. I might only submit my (latest) employment certificate.

I want my sem-break back!

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