Monday, November 09, 2009

Manila and Pampanga Trip

Sorry for the late update, I have been away! Well, I got back home yesterday from visiting my friend in Manila, and my boyfriend in Pampanga.

I had a stupid experience to be at the Iloilo Airport early in the morning on the day I thought my departure time was in the morning. I went there at 5:30 AM and was about to check in when the lady told me that my flight is at 7:55 PM, hahaha! I then have to look at my ticket and there.. it shows 19:55 H.. that means 7:55 PM. By the time that I have booked my flight and got my ticket, I didn't bother to check on it again. LOL, charge it on experience. So I went home and slept, then woke up at 3pm and went to the Iloilo Airport again. I was 2 hours early before my departure, so I checked in my luggage right away and got my boarding pass.

I then sat on one of the benches there.

Took a photo of this lady and the sunset. Dramatic?

Met CJ, the CEO of Teletech Iloilo (the guy on my right). And I took this photo before he saw me. His flight was 30 minutes earlier than mine. We chatted a little and asked me if I wanted to work with the company again. LOL.

I was hungry and ate at JD Cafe. My food - chicken cordon bleu with rice.

Boarding time. My seat 18A - window. By the way, if you are early, you will be asked if you wanted to be seated by the window or isle.

Bye Iloilo.

I arrived in Manila on November 3, 2009 at 8:55 PM, and waited for my friend at the waiting area. This guy is keeping the NAIA clean.

My friend Raymund picked me up at NAIA and we went straight to The Fort to get something to eat, then chill a little at Starbucks.

With Raymund

At Starbucks, taking advantage of the free WiFi with the iPod touch

Lurvin' my frappe

I stayed in his apartment overnight, because I'm off to Pampanga the next day anyway. He then dropped me off to the bus terminal. I traveled for like 1 1/2 hour from Manila to Pampanga. Hectril then picked me up at Dau, Mabalacat terminal and went straight to his apartment. We spent the whole day sleeping since his work schedule is in the evening, and I was tired from the day I traveled, so it was best to sleep the day off.

It was Hec's day off the next day, so we decided to go out and buy some stuffs we need. But before anything else, we had breakfast at McDonald's,

Took a photo of us while waiting for the hash browns

Went to SM City to purchase some stuff we need at his apartment, and visited Globe business center

then to Starbucks; here's Hec and his Mocha Frappe

My Peppermint Mocha

We went home around 4pm, because I still need to organize some stuff in his apartment. I let him play Plants vs Zombies, and he seemed to like it. In fact, every time he wakes up and or before he goes to sleep, he'll find time to play the game. I believe he's addicted to it now.

I always find time to daddle around the internet - update my Plurk timeline, Facebook-ing, emails and all.

I didn't have much time exploring Angeles City, well.. I don't think there are nice places that I could visit there, but for most men.. Angeles City is the place to be. LOL! I always spent my time at home, internet and preparing food for the bf. Spending my five day vacation with him is a sure win.

The MaLing I cooked using the over toaster only, because Hec does not have a stove in his apartment yet. I opened the can using a knife since there was no can opener.. and so it looks like this. hehehe. but it's still edible! :p

My return flight was on November 4, 2009 at 4PM, this time I had it right. :D
Hec and I took a bus going to Pasay and took a cab going NAIA. With the exception of his lack of sleep, Hec was making faces and all smiles inside the bus hehehe.

Aren't we cute? hehehe!

Again, I was 2 hours earlier before my departure time. Hec left NAIA after I checked in my luggage and got my boarding pass. He needed to go back home in Pampanga because he needs to get more sleep.

Here are some people checking in their luggage and getting their boarding passes.

I sat on one of the benches there... bored and was about to cry. I didn't really want to leave yet, but I had to.

Boarding time. My seat - 4F

Goodbye Manila.

It's really nice to be up here

Finally, I arrived in Iloilo at 4:55PM. It shows 4:58PM at the baggage claim.

As I was on my way home, my bf and I were still textting, and we both agreed that it was too short a time to explore Pampanga. I so hope there will be a next time.. and when that day comes, I'll make sure to be visiting Subic again. :)

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