Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Protectting Your Pets From Fleas

I love having pets at home. I used to have a dog that I named Motley after Motley Crue band. He was very cute, clean and a sweet little dog. Until one day, I realized he was gone. He went out the house and unfortunately a car hit him. I remember the first time I had Motley, he was just a cute litte puppy when a family friend gave him to me. I always made it a routine to feed and bathe him, and taught him some few tricks, however, I got tired of that since I had no patience in doing so.

I really loved Motley that much that I always let him in my room. I also let my cousin made a little crib just for him to sleep on. And since Motley was always by my side, I always made sure that he had no fleas. That was why I bathe him daily and always used the most important tool which is a flea comb. Once I found a single flea, I immediately took action. That was how I loved my pet dog. He was also a part of the family. Since Motley was gone, I never ever thought of getting a new pet dog soon. So if you guys have pets, be sure to take care of them, and keep them away from fleas, especially now that we're nearing the flea season.. it's always better to have them protected from fleas using Frontline Plus.

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