Friday, April 02, 2010

Finally, I Graduated!

March 30, 2010, I graduated from college with Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Marketing. Some of my friends know I have quit college 9 years ago.. that's in 2001. That year was supposed to be my graduating year, however things didn't go well with me. Since my 2nd year in college I did not become so serious with school because I was too involved with non-school activities (gigs, boyfriends, etc.). That lead me to being an irregular student in school, with a few dropped subjects and incomplete subjects. Those prevented me from taking pre-requisite subjects to be able to graduate in 2001. But I didn't mind at all, thinking that I could take all them for summer and the 1st semester of the next school year. But I was wrong, my habit and other activities continued to ruined my life. What's surprising was that, my parents didn't mind, maybe because they were too tired to mind what I was doing with my life. Until I realized what I was doing with my life is not giving me a good future. So, I looked for a job and eventually straighten up with my life.

To make the long story short, I have decided to go back to school (to the same university I have attended a few years bacK) and get a degree. When bf learned I was going back to college, he was really really happy. He has been telling me to finish college eversince, I remember 2 years ago that he even offered to help me with my school finances if I go back to school, but I declined his offer since I know he has kids, and that I am only the girlfriend. And the fact that his salary is only enough for his personal finances and some bills to pay. So now that I have graduated from college, he is more than proud. I was at the graduation ceremony when he texted me nonstop even if he was at work and mobile phones were not allowed, but he didn't mind! He was supposed to come home on my Graduation Day until the Holy Week but his leave was not approved. But pretty soon, I will be visiting him again and we will celebrate double.

So anyway, here are a few photos:

Check out Graduation Day photos and Baccalaureate Ceremony photos on my Flickr.

With my dad, who never attended any of my events (or any of my siblings events) until this day. Mom was not able to attend, she's a teacher and it's their school graduation as well on that day.

Shoutouts and Thanks
  • I thank God for the good health and for all the blessings.
  • My parents who has been very supportive with everything I do even if some of them are against their will.
  • M boyfriend who is always there for me, for all the love and care, support and for always making me feel like a princess. I love you.
  • M friends who are always with me, and for giving color into my life.
  • My exes who are still making me smile whenever we bumped into each other around the city and for the laughter and smiles during our chats.You guys suck but I still thank you for what I have become now.
  • my haters, who are always making me feel important, glad I did something in your life to make you notice me.

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