Friday, April 09, 2010

Guisi Beach, Lighthouse and Ruins

April 7-8, 2010 my classmates and I, together with our school adviser went to one of best beach resorts in Guimaras, Iloilo. We have agreed to go at Guisi Beach Resort and Lighthouse on weekdays to avoid the crowd during the weekend, plus the fact that it's summer here in the Philippines and school is out, so we had a feeling that excursionists, foreigners, and some balikbayans would go there too. It was a great experience to have spent my summer with my classmates - the MK 4-1, the last batch of marketing students in our school. We made it uber memorable since it would be the last event that we will be spending our time together, so we stayed there overnight.

Here are the people I will truly miss, the MK 4-1.

Ok, enough said. I will just show you some photos. :)

The long road ahead to the resort. It won't be turbulent when there are friends who get to walk with you. :)

The unspoilt beach

Me enjoying the water. I find this picture weird though, but it's rather candid. :)

Clear waters

Breath taking view

You have to climb for you to get to the ruins and old lighthouse

Climbing up

This is the original Guisi Point Lighthouse, it was built in 18th century. It's really really old and rusty just by looking at it. It might even collapse anytime from now.

It's rusty stairs

There's actually a sign not to climb to avoid danger. (words in Hiligaynon; Ilonggo)

But I tried to. Luckily, it didn't collapse. LOL

The white lighthouse - it's active and working. (sorry was not able to a good picture of it)

Ruins of a settlement during the Spanish Era

The sunset

Before going home, we did side-trip Trappist Monastery. Went inside the church and purchased some delis.

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