Thursday, April 22, 2010

Russian Brides

I have a male friend in the US who is really desperate of looking for a woman to love and marry. He has been into a lot of dating sites, have met a few of his girlfriends from a chatroom and from other social networks. Until he came across one Russian dating service site and became really interested with the women they have on there. He said he had shown interest to some of the Russian ladies, but only a few responded. That is because not all women on that site has internet access at home. Luckily, he got some of their numbers and started to exchange phone calls. Now he is hoping that someday soon he will marry one of the Russian Brides he met on that site.

So as a curious bunny, I visited the site he was talking about, and learned that they really have this Mail Order Brides for men all over the world who wants to love and marry Russian women. And the women they have on there are really pretty and sincere to finding a foreign partner in life. So whatever my friend's decision.. i will support him either way. After all, the site is reliable and have gained popularity to Russian womena and foreign men.

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