Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photo-less Days

I have realized that I am recently blase about taking pictures for the past few days or maybe weeks now. I have some friends who always take such nice photos, even just with their mobile phones. I used to take pictures when I am having fun or when I am doing fun stuff, but I forgot to take some time with my camera lately. Well, I do use my camera when taking pictures of myself and boyfriend here in Pampanga, but they're just point and click stuff - photos to add to my Facebook album. LOL.

I guess it does not occur to me when I am in the middle of fun to stop and take a photo of just about anything. I admit that I don't take good pictures like some of the people in Flickr community.. and to be honest I envy how good they take good pictures. I even saw one Flickr user who takes good photos just with his iPhone. That's why I envy them, because my pictures don't come out all that well, as I do not have an eye for composition I guess. Plus, I take pictures of boring things. LOL. A photographer friend once told me that I should play more with my camera, and put my heart into it no matter what make or model of the camera. Well, my friend is right.. maybe I should start exploring with my camera, I haven't actually put too much attention to it since I have it. I don't aim to be a professional photographer, I won't be even close to it. I don't care if the're good or bad quality of pictures, what's important is I capture memories.

So I guess, it's a habit to remember to take pictures when I'm having fun!

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