Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Last Airbender 2010 Movie Review

BF watched the movie already, and he warned me that there's nothing too good to see in the movie. I wouldn't believe him at first but when I saw the movie yesterday... I got disappointed.

This is just my personal review on The Last Airbender. So, don't take it seriously. I just want to point out some flaws and I will make it short.

  • Aang shouldn't have been talking to the dragon spirit for guidance, he should have been talking to Avatar Roku. Was he ever mentioned? I don't think so.
  • Aang has no feelings for Katara.. yet. The movie is based on Book 1.
  • Commander Zhao is an incompetent dude.. not too much of a bad ass villain.
  • Zuko whines too much than he is mad at the world.
  • I can barely notice Sokka's sarcasm.
  • And was Momo named?
  • The scar of Zoku is unnoticeable.
  • What's this about Azula being blood thirsty when she's stone cold and deadly?!
There's a lot of scenes that were done so bad compared to the series. The characters were also having a hard time saying or pronouncing some words.

Ok, I'll stop there. I'd be unfair if I point out all the flaws.. but I tried to focus on the movie, however there isn't anything I was impressed by. Few months back I had high hopes that the movie would be good, but it shows that they messed up everything. I was not impressed with the fight scenes...most of them were in slow motion. the fight scenes in the series are way better. There are a lot of holes in the film and I didn't understand it like it should be.

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