Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Art School

I love art, though I am not really that artistic. Ugly or beautiful creations can still be called as art. I doodle sometimes and I always wish to be good at it. I guess if I enrol in an Art Schools, my skills would be enhanced. I was also interested in getting a course for interior designs. In the university where i graduated, they are offering an interior design course. I might enroll myself in the near future. Since I am currently busy with my work, I might take online classes for interior designs and see if I would excel on that. There are only a couple of interior design school in the area, so I would rather take online classes.

I also love taking pictures with my digital camera and sometimes with my mobile phone anytime and anywhere. I admit I don't take good pictures, I only do the point and shoot for fun. When my boyfriend was in photgraphy class two years ago, I had this interest of joining since the enrolment in a local Photography schools was cheaper compared the rate now. I might enrol sometime soon, but not now. Meantime, I'm taking pictures of my self and some things I find interesting.

Doing a lot of art is one of my interest, it could be my passion if only I have time for that. I now have a growing interest for online courses or degrees. I say online universities are popular nowadays, it has become a convenient way to get a college degree especially to some people who have interest in visual art and photography can get a degree through online course. This would work best for me since I am working and no time to go to an actual university to continue with my interest in art.

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