Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Online Tutoring

Like I said before, I am never good in Math. To tell you honestly, until now I do not know division very well. I really am bad at Math. I remember when I was in grade school, my 4th grade math teacher was somewhat nice. Though she was nice, I still have jitters whenever I was asked to instantly solve a problem. I got even nervous by only Adding fractions on the board. But not as scared as I was in my 5th grade math teacher, she was terror. She would let us solve problems on the board one by one, and we couldn't go back to our seats if we could not solve it right.

College came and I thought I was dying everytime I was in my Algebra class, I am not a good Algebra solver compared to my other classmates, but good thing I still passed the subject with the help of a friend who was a great tutor to me.

I wished I should have know Tutornext before, then maybe I won't have to worry much with my math subjects. Lucky are the students nowadays especially the K-12 students and some college students as well, who can take advantage of this online tutoring and a cheapest rate and help them with Linear programming, Solving equations, line plot and a lot more.

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