Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Air Jordans

Last week, my guy friend and I were talking about him buying new shoes. I suggested he should buy sneakers because they would look good at him. He was ok with it and asked me of the brands. I gave him one specific brand but he's not into it. Our conversation went serious when we talked about our favorite brands for kicks. Then he told me how he lost his first Michael Jordan Shoes at the gym. Someone must have stolen his Air Jordan Shoes since they are expensive and difficult to find here in our area, unless you have to shop online. I think shopping online for Air Jordans is hassle-free, and discounts for these kicks can be taken advantage of online. I also suggested that when he's ready to purchase a pair of these kicks, I can help him get them online since I know one website that has a collection of discounted kicks like Air Jordan Shoes also known as Air Jordans and Michael Jordan Shoes or Air Jordan. Air Force 1 are also available.

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