Friday, September 24, 2010

Auto Repair

A few days ago, I was riding in my friend's care when she said that she needs a good car repair service. There are minor problems with her car, and it needs to be checked before it become worse. She needs to change the seat belts and have the back breaks checked. Total estimate for the repair is steep, and I was thrilled to learn that. I told her that she must do the breaks first since they play a very important role in the car. Then the belts would be later. In our country, there is no online repair or maintenance estimate website. So car owners would direcly go to the nearest auto repair shop for an estimate. I hope we have one that offers this kind of service in our country just like of Repairpal where car owners could go online for an estimate to avoid hassle. So I let my friend check out Repairpal for reference.

I will also recommend the site to my cousin who lives in Chicago and complains a lot about her car issues. Maybe she could find a Chicago auto repair shop near her place. She has been using her Toyota car for 2 year now, but I am not sure if it's a Toyota Camry, but it looks like one. What I heard from her last time was her complaining about the lights and breaks as well. She should better get a maintenance estimate for her car breaks and to check engine light as well. Repairpal would work great for her car problems since she can compare prices and find a repair shop.

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