Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ceiling Fans

In my room, I have one Ceiling Fan and a desk fan. I usually the desk fan whenever I sleep in my room, and when it gets really colder I would put on the ceiling fan since it does not blow too much air compared to my desk fan. I could not sleep well without a fan on, so no matter how cold it gets during the night, I still have either my desk fan or ceiling fan on.

Actually, I would sleep in my room for like 2-3 times a week only. Most of the time I sleep in my parents room during the day. I work at night so my whole day would consists of a whole lot of sleeping. And since they working, I could freely occupy their room in daytime. I love sleeping in their room because of the coolness the air blows. I have suggested several times that must have buy Ceiling Fans for their room and also for my sister's room. It would be space saver if they have one. And besides, the air from a celing is distributed equally for a whole room.

Maybe I should help my parents Find out who makes the Best Ceiling Fans here! It would be best if they would get one not only for their room but for the living room as well. I would also suggest Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans to friends who has businesses. I know one friend who would be interested, since I saw in their living room and dining room that they have this Minka Aire ceiling fans.

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