Friday, January 24, 2014

Thank You Tita April

I was so busy dealing with crazy handful of nothing. The busiest days are taking its toll. It's overwhelming. Then I received a Viber message from Tita April, my boyfriend's mom which made me feel better upon reading it. It's really nice to know that somebody is thinking about you. It made me feel loved. This is not the first time she checks up on me. It just that today is perfect timing to make me feel better. So this deserves to have an entry here. You may say this is just a corny or shallow post, but I just wish I could share the rest of our convo. I'd rather not, 'cause I don't want to spoil and maybe jinx the good stuff. :D

I love her not because of the things she does for me, but because she is really a nice person.. not just to me but also to anybody. I always tell Hec that I still feel very shy whenever I'm with her mom (because); she would text or call me and invite me over for lunch or dinner or movies.. and many other things. It's not a negative thing, but I'm just shy 'cause it's always on her and won't take my share. Every time I come home to Iloilo from Pampanga, she would fetch me at the airport (and back). Last year, she took a break from class just to fetch me at the airport. I thought it was just her driver, but she was there too. Her generosity towards me makes me very shy, and to say 'thank you' is not enough. .

She is just so sweet and loving. And I'm more respectful to her as well. I really appreciate that she considers me like a part of her family. I remember when she was at my mother's funeral, she hugged me for like two minutes and said, "I will always be here for you". That's one of the nicest things a person has ever said to me that day. So thank you tita, for the love and for making me feel special. :) I'll see you when you come back from training.

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