Monday, March 10, 2014

My First Tattoo

I always wanted to get a tattoo but never had the chance to get one. On Saturday I got my first ink. I would like to say it was an instant decision, although I already have talked to my tattoo artist before and how I would like it done. I had it done earlier than the original schedule since I got nothing to do for the weekend, so I thought it would be the best time.

Having the common design in mind + a few modifications on the original design made me psyched. I never had any tattoo before, so I had no idea how painful it is or how to deal with pain. I have heard stories that it hurts a lot while some said it's tolerable.

So I went there calm and collected. The session started after 10 minutes I got there and I was already ready for it. The needle biting into my skin was so new to me - it hurts but not too painful. The design is going to be bigger than I anticipated. I am getting a full back tattoo.. but I'm doing it per session.

Two hours after, I braced myself for more pain. I knew that this was going to be more painful when the needle started drilling near my spine. But, it was still bearable.

I maintained my sanity with my smartphone - listened to music while checking Facebook to keep me occupied. Then my friend came over to check the progress while taking pictures. My conversations with my friend and tattoo artist made me relaxed and forgot about the pain.

3 and a half hours it was done. I survived - inked and breathing. My pain threshold was A-OK! It was nice to see the finished work of my first installment tattoo and I am happy. My second session has no date yet, but it's going to be sooner. :D

My ink is an expression of my faith. It symbolizes God's presence, my mom (my angel) who love, support, protect and guide me.

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