Sunday, April 06, 2014

Cebu Pacific and Tigerair Share Booking System

I let my friend took my plane ticket for me online and didn't notice that he got me a flight for Tigerair, until I was lining up at the check-in counter. But it was also my fault for not reviewing/checking my flight deets. :P

Anyway, I just learned that Cebu Pacific air and Tigerair (Tiger Airways) share booking system. So, that's kind of messed up. This is how it looks like when you select and book for a flight to Cebu Pacific or Tigerair:

So, lesson learned here is to check my flight details prior to my scheduled flight. I don't want to fly with Tigerair again - terrible, terrible take off and landing experience. I felt like I was riding a paper plane. The only consolation to this is that the flight was not delayed and 20 minutes early on arrival. But I will never fly with Tigerair again.

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