Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blog blog blog!

When a person has decided to be mute for so long it is not always easy to make a sound come out. But suddenly here I am creating a blog on here for the first time. Those who've been around a while know this is a strange thing. The simplest explanation is that from the beginning I never wanted to be considered famous hehehe, i wanted it to be for something unique and intelligent and personal that i DID or created.

I thought if i let myself get really involved in this, it might make me wonder someday whether or not any success I may have was coming from a source that I wanted it to come from. Now i see it a little differently, it seems that by not keeping a blog i am sending out "just an image" even more! Hah! At least if you are going to be known, its nice to be known a bit more for who you are, i think.So hello, I am Marie. I've already put a bunch of my interests in neat little Friendster, http://www.friendster.com/sinofsorrow .

Like i said I'm not so sure how to go about expressing myself to the world, but I love to write, so eventually, hopefully, it will fall into place. I also keep a blog on that site.

Ecstacy of the day so far: Woke up smiling thinking of the wonderful weekend i had with my boyfriend.

Shit of the day: I'm still trying to organize my thoughts on how to finally update my website. lol. I haven't updated my site for almost 2 years now. Dang!

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