Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I know you read this. and then do yourself a favor and get your own life.

I would be concerned if i wasn't so disgusted. damn suckers i hate you both. i thought i was bummed out alright. The more i thought about it.. my bad mood wasn't as a result from what i assumed must be the source. In fact, it was actually coming from a place of disgust. Now, stay with me for a minute here (except for the two of you... who can promptly stop reading my shit. Get your own lives and talk about something other than my business when you're out on a date.. wait.. no.. actually finish reading this post.. then stop reading my shit.)..because this urking feeling is not coming from one thing.. its a series of events that the two of you have done that has utterly creeped me out/ pissed me off.

First of all.. as she told me, all they talk about is me when they hang out. So.. if you like each other how about talking about something else.? Like... who you are. He says he likes her.. he also said that when he likes someone he wants to get to know them... so stop trying to pry on me when you are with her.. don't you think, perhaps.. just maybe you should be asking her questions about HER?? Now.. second problem.. i talked to her in privacy. I told her my personal business. i specifically said.. DO NOT TELL HIM about what we have talked about in private. but she did tell him. All i can picture is the two of them hanging out and having nothing interesting of their own going on .. then getting really uncomfortable by their lack of interesting things to say and her quickly bolting out what i told her not to. so for that...YOU SUCK! you are not a friend. you are not someone i am interested in hanging out with. you are a back stabbing biatch willing to volunter information to a stupid shithead you know is playing a stupid game with you. hope it works out for you two and all.. cause you just threw away a friendship over a crush probably because you were incapable of thinking of anything interesting to say. brilliant. sooo brilliant!

Btw, i told this girl that i have found out that this guy is making a deal with his friends for P2000.. (yeah that cheap) if he got to have her say "yes" to him. And she wouldn't want to believe me because she likes him that much. I was just being concerned with her. But she disclosed this to the guy. Damn stupid.

And when the girl confronted the guy..he told her i was only making up stories because i still like him. The nerve. Stop flattering yourself. And I can ask your friends whom you had a deal with.

And moving on to the next insult which is added to the injury of it all... he decides it's his place to boisterously announce to all the information he has received from the above mentioned person. So for that, F*** YOU! Maybe your brain is not capable of holding thoughts of that proportion. Perhaps if you had some substance of your own you wouldn't be so concerned with my life as well. To answer your question, i'm not interested in you. i haven't been since i stopped showing you interest. You are wrong... which explains why i laughed. i dont play games. although i know that blowing you off only makes you more interested, because you only want what you can't have as a way to avoid intimacy.. again I WAS/AM GENUINELY NOT INTERESTED. it was not a ploy to make you like me more. i showed you interest when i was interested, i stopped when i was not!

Now.. isn't that a much more efficient way to live?! no guessing, no questioning. So to the two of you..who have nothing better to talk about on your dates than me. YOU ARE BOTH LAME ASS LOSERS. And seriously.. i'm not interested in hearing "we just talk about you cause we like you so much" .. no you talk about me cause your life is so uninteresting you have to talk about mine.

Consider this my parting gift.. you can talk about this for your next couple of dates.. then you're on your own!

I may as well put your names on here next time.

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