Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Mom and I had a serious talk last night before I went to work. We talked about how things got into this point... on how things started to be like this and that.. on how I could have been a better individual if only I did this and that..

I'm a happy go lucky person..

What's happening with my life now is the risk I took for not being like what they wanted me to be..

And I just came from a calming realization today..

So..that made me recall when He said.. all is negative.

He is right.

And what is positive then?.... i dont' know if i can make him proud..

Will the green light appear for me?

i don't know. I will just leave it in hopes hands for some recognition of my changes.
Just like what I would always say.. to cherish what I have now..whether it be my hate or love for myself.

I don't know if i still want to step one foot forward.

I think I'm lost.

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