Monday, September 17, 2007

Sick and Needs Hug

I'm super sick. I have been dealing with a big headache since last week. Also, been suffering from chest pain. I missed my night life though.. that made me really sad. hahaha. concern pa ko dyapun sa night life

Saturday - After work.. I had breakfast with my friend only at McDonalds.. walked around SM City... Met up with my boyfriend in the afternoon. I was supposed to go out on a Saturday night.. but an evil headache striked again.. So I've decided i'd stay it rained really hard.. so that made me curl up to bed. Friends were texting though..half of me really wanted to go..but i felt tired.

Sunday - Didn't leave the house the whole day..coz my head and chest felt like it was going to burst.. also.. it was raining non-stop. Hec and I were just texting.. it should be our day together but he went to visit his kids at his ex's house. He still managed to text me though he was like baby sitting.. sweeeett. :D I think it's her daughter's birthday today. Also, I got numerous text messages from an anonymous person.. our fan. Hec knows who she is.

Around 2am today.. I was rushed into the hospital because I had trouble breathing. It's the sickness I've had since in under 3 months. Weird coz I don't smoke. So the Doc sent me home around 11 am today. However, i'm on super duper 4 tablets a day.. I am ok now. I'm home feeling like death.. swallowing these tablets like they are going out of fashion. Argh. But i'm still working tonight though. ;)

And just 15 minutes ago..

i received a phone call from a woman i didn't know. It seems I made a mistake awhile back and sent "Thank you" to her husband's cell phone. She was very pissy and rude to me about it. Even after I explained to her that i made a mistake with the numbers (coz i wrote the numbers in a piece of paper which is not yet stored in my cellphone's phone book)... which is why it was wrong sent in the first place! I told her I was 24 (lol, not my real age), had no idea who this guy was, and wasn't about chasing anyone's husband.

Long story short..... She said, "kon ang bana mo may nabaton nga text halin sa indi mo kilala nga number, inde mo ayhan pagtawgan"? Trans: "If your husband had a text message from a number you didn't recognize, wouldn't you call it?" I said, "Inde eh, mamangkot lang ko siguro pero depende lng sa imo ya sitwasyon". Trans: "No, I would probably ask him about it... but I guess that just depends on your own unique situation." Then she tried telling me that simply asking about things like this doesn't always work out well, and that sometimes (after fifteen years of marriage apparently) you have to conduct your own little investigations. I wanted to ask her why she was poking around and searching through his things anyway? After all, they are married, don't they trust each other? She managed to mention in our short conversation that they've had problems with him cheating before...

Surprised? No. Disgusted? A little.

I felt like calling her back and say... I don't even know your name, but "Thank you" for discouraging my dreams of true intimacy and an honest marriage over once and for all. So I guess this is what i have to look forward to now. Lol, kidding. But this really depends on the situation.

So right now.. I just wanna cuddle up with Hec.. but chances are, he'll get sick too.

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