Monday, September 10, 2007


I Had a good weekend.

Saturday- Got drunk. Started drinking early, like around 10 am with my friend, wandered around drinkin-talking-drinkin-talking....Ended up at my mom's old house (her father's house)and been drinking non-stop.

Sunday- my mother took an amazing care of us :) Around 6am today, she and my sister left for Cebu. But they are coming back on Wednesday though. I was still sleeping when they left..she just left me a note. so yesterday she was feeding me books to read hehehe, rounds of talking and delicious foods.
Also, I got to meet up with my boyfriend in the afternoon.

Today I basically feel like I am re-born: this morning was like it's so easy to get up, though I am missing some people. Ahh.. the sky is grey and the clouds tell me things are doing great. I am not really looking forward to new adventures... I wish I could just keep some of this peace with me throughout the year... the upcoming year.

Talk less and think more.
Take care of myself.
Take care of my boyfriend.
Make a plan instead of living for what's going to happen tomorrow or next week.

And for just a little while, I will clean my room and meet my boyfriend after 5pm- Wallah! I'm excited. I feel happy and quiet. I am full of love for my life..and thankful for a perspective that fills me with appreciation for experience....I love my life,..the entire spectrum of it, my family, my friends and my boyfriend. I have known the really remote ends of the spectrum and all in between on a unpredictable but consistant continuum, my entire drops my heart out on the ups and the downs, whirls around crazy, crazy then slows slower and slower till it stops.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I love your words. Nice bonding with your mom. you are a beautiful hippie! and you seem happy with your new boyfriend. have a good monday marie!

    I will let you know if my new site is up. ;)