Sunday, September 09, 2007


Ok, this is what happened today. I was standing at Dunkin' Donuts kiosk when I saw my ex standing at the magazine stand. His Aunt and his gf were with him. I was really freaking out coz I don't want him to see me. I was like telling the donut lady that I'm in a hurry, unfortunately she has no change. I waited there for like five minutes until she found some change. The more I want him (the ex) not to see me, the more luck I get. Lol. Ok, so he saw me.. I walked away really fast but he was following me. So the gf also followed him..running. To make this short, my ex and I had a lil chit chat.. he asked me if when would be the best time that he can talk to me. I told him there's nothing more to talk about. Then I turned my back from him. But I looked back though. hahhaha. I saw him talking to his gf.. they were like arguing.. and she slapped him. hahahaha! Amusing.

I just feel like sharing this....

Why is it that some girls think it's okay to tell their boyfriends what to do because they know they're passive enough to not argue about it? Or even to slap him in the face because he pointed out a girl (me) he was interested in while they have broken up? After she already knew about me? This happened long ago though.. Someone I cared about was in this situation, and he had been in it long enough to think this kind of sh*t is okay, that it was always his fault when they fight, and that "some people just need control like that." No. No they don't. It's abusive and wrong and no one deserves that. I don't understand these stupid immature b*tches at all. Love is not about control or ownership.

I hate it when I got to remember that. She slaps him again, I slap her. Plain and simple. I don't stand for that sort of sh*t at all.

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  1. sometimes some of us are not very smart, emotionally. And for some reason us humans are afraid of "losing" stuff that is harmful to us, which is why we so often cling when we should let go