Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm so sick of it!

I hate it when I send out a really important email to a really intelligent person and discover later that I had a very obvious typo. Crap!

I feel exhausted, and tired.. it takes too much effort to sit straight. Been working up all night, and yes I have an evil coffee with me.

You know, there are different types of people at work (Ops floor)... there are people (insert names here) that are so lame. Petty, nitpicky, ill-informed however willing to share, dumb besides, unwilling to read or listen and on top of it.. hold opinions that are based in no sort of fact? And then try to convince you they are right? I've found that if I think about it for long enough I can come up with good reasons for nearly all my ethical beliefs... perhaps not aesthetic... but quite a few of those, too.

Maybe they should take some time to think things through before they start talking to me.


  1. I have suffered the same typo dilemma. I once sent an email to a highly esteemed professor. Being sick, I haphazardly assembled my letter. Directly upon pressing the send button, I was met with the horrifying discovery that I had accidentally misspelled my own name.

    Oh the dread!

    Luckily, my professor accidentally deleted my message. It wasn’t quite the lottery, but I was satisfied with my win.

  2. same problem here.esp when the typo creeps up in my blog entries.