Friday, September 21, 2007

Feelin' Better

Sorry I have to delete some comments to protect their privacy (at least). I'm not that evil to put her name here. So forget about my previous post. And I don't feel like whinin' or b*tchin' again today *takes a deep breath*. besides, Hec doesn't wanna hear me swearing at people. He picked me up from the office and he head off to work. And I, went straight to my Aunt's house coz I had to fix her 'puter. So far, the pc worked a bit fine. So.. Hec and I were chatting..voice chat to be exact. In fact, he just bitched at coz he heard me swore again. sweeeeett! :D


I went to see my doc and had a health appraisal. So far I'm ok.. no more medication. He also said I'm overweight! I need to lower my cholesterol and I need to gain more lean mass.

What does this mean...?

To eat less crap, have more ***, and dye my hair black.

It's a friday. Yay! However, I don't know what the weekends will have for me, since I don't even have anything planned yet.

I like this beautiful outfit.

Victorian style. Sooo beautiful. The corset alone looks like it would rape your wallet.
Have a great weekend!

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