Thursday, September 20, 2007

I want to spit on your face, come closer I'm gonna tell you why!

Right..praise yourself! Pathetic loser.

I don't understand why other people can't move on with their own lives? Oh well.. how can this person(insert name here) be happy if she's alone anyway.. tsk tsk. too bad. Too damn obvious she is envious.. jealous.. insecure..
That's sad. and please, at least give yourself a R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
Ya win some, ya lose some? Can't she just accept that? Or is this a trend in sour graping that I'm not aware of? Please enlighten me coz I'm out of the loop.

I don't know is she is aware of the word "the f*** up" man. To a certain degree..from what I know just today is why i susbscribe to the old James Brown tune, "Talkin Loud, Sayin' Nothin". or maybe i would write a song "loud mouth talking sh*t". Perhaps it will be the remake inspired by the original. Hah! I hope she will soon feel better! But i don't think there is now a cure for insecurity. Eh?

Prangka ko nga tawo..magkitaay kme ihambal ko gid ang dapat nya mabatian.

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