Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Ok.. another entry for today. So far, I'm feeling better now.. no more headache..just a bit of coughing and yeah I'm alright. anyways, I had fun with my friends on Saturday, we've been drinking non-stop, as posted from my previous entry. It was fun being with them. Also I went to MO2.. and had 2 shots of Tequilla.. but my boyfriend texted me that I should go home and that he would call in 15 minutes. I could sense he was kinda mad coz I went to Smallville. so I panicked and went home lol. Part of me didn't want to leave the place coz I saw some friends there that I haven't seen for quite sometime now.. and they were like stopping me from leaving. lol. I missed the parteeee!! :(

And oh.. Ester gave me this award.. she said she likes my blog! I'm surprised and flattered. thanks Ester! I'm passing this on to Lutz, Magiting, Bisdak, Krung, and Pepe.

So far life is treating me well for today. My boyfriend has been taking care of me.. texting and calling only to check if i'm ok.. he is such a sweet guy. :)

And I will be at Bluejay (Smallville) tonight, gotta meet up with some great friends. Wanna come with me? :D

I suck at entries right now.

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