Monday, November 26, 2007

All I Want To Do Is Sleep

I am run down. Like never before. I just want to sleep. I just want to lie down, and sleep for hundreds of years, like Sleeping Beauty. She had a pretty sweet deal there. Except I'd be sleeping weirdo.

I could live with that though.

Or maybe I should have been born an animal that hibernates. Like a hedgehog.

But hedgehogs can't internet. Oh no. Maybe a smart bear would be more to my liking. I'd quite like that actually, because when people pissed me off I could do a big bear roar, and scare them right off. Except I couldn't talk if I was a bear, I like talking.

I also like typing gibberish. Hehehe.

Oh, sack it.

So right now, Hec and I are playing Literati.. I'm the 1st game loser. Crap.

1st game scores:
Hec: 148
Me: 146

I'm gonna win the 2nd game. :p

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