Sunday, November 04, 2007

Great Weekend

My weekend was like whooooaaah!!

Halloween Party! I was in my Tinkerbell costume. But my boyfriend was kinda mad at me when he saw the pictures because the dress is is too short. He never liked the Tinky idea. What more if he attended our party.. most probably he would bitch at me. lol. Pictures will be posted soon. Hehehe.

We watched a movie, The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. I don't really like this's a "ho-hum" movie for me.. but I don't know about you guys. It's quite passé though. I suggest you guys must read the books.. the movie is quite wrong hehe. It's like the entire context of the books is lost.

Sunday - my boyfriend and I spent the day malling, teasing each other, pda (public display of affection) hahaha yup, just like I would give him a kiss while we are on an escalator, sometimes I would stop walking and ask "kiss anay ah", in english, "gimme a kiss first" hahaha well I don't really care because when we are together, it's like we own the world. So we had rounds of talking, talking and talking. He told me things that I need to know, of how he was like and what he was like before. Basically, it was all about his past. I'm glad that we are open with each other. I love my guy so much! I'm not gonna change him for the world! I'm so happy I have him.

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