Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm Broke!

NO salary yet. Delayed. Waaaahh. I wouldn't make such a big deal about it if this was the first time it happened, but this is like the second time. Argh. Really upset. But the HR Officer announced that it will be given tonight. *fingers crossed*

God damnit. I hate to think that I have alot of bills to pay this month. Plus I'm gonna get a new Fridge.

Ugh.. I'm a broke kid!


  1. I hope you get the moolah soon. Please check the tag awards at my site

  2. don't you just hate when f_ckin' HR starts messin' with your paper!? it doesn't even have to be HR, it could be anyone that owes you money and you are depending on that money to maintain your way of loving. motherf_ckers got a lot of nerve playin' with folks money!

    hang in there sistah. hopefully they will not continue to do this to you, because i am sure that it is a grave inconvenience.
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  3. @ Marcus.. HR has nothing to do with it.. coz she herself got pissed for the delay. Super inconvenience on our part. Coz we all have dues and bills to pay. Thanks for the concern :)

    @ Marie.. Thanks.. I got it already. Off to your blog ;)