Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So, Move On!

I had so much fun talking to my friend, J thru YM. We talked about his ex girlfried who is not yet over with him. I know this girl, but we're not close. I've talked to her last week..'twas all about her new boyfriend - imaginary, that is. LOL. I don't want to get over with complete details but she was funny. Soooo pathetic. I don't care if she reads this hhehe I know for sure she visits this page once in a while.

Therefore I conclude that being in a relationship while you're still constantly upset over your ex is a bad idea. My advice to her is to move on because J is in the process of doing so. But obviously there's enough left behind to cause them both alot of pain. And honestly, she told me, she doesn't want to move on. Waaaaahh. Pathetic.

Lemme share this to you...
From my past, my ex and I have done some stupid shit that we're not proud of. We are a huge fuck up. Because we are, but regardless. After the break up I've realized even more so that I was not ready to get into anything with someone else. I was then thinking that feelings are one thing, but taking it upon yourself to act on them is another. And so BEFORE I met Hec, I was willing to let go of my ex, to make my future work. So I'm completely happy with Hec now. You know, you can't make a good future using bad things from your past, right?

Believe me people, MOVE ON for shit's sake.

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  1. This is very sound advice that you have given; people should really take heed.

    I have a friend of mine that is like this. She is like my little sister. She hops and in and out of relationships like it's nothing and I told her yesterday she needs to take care of her heart and be easy. Hopefully she will see my genuine concern and really think about her relationship-hopping strategies. It can not be good for her in the long run.

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