Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Monday is an awesome day! Though I consider this day as an awful day of the week. I never liked Mondays hehehe! But it has been productive..somehow. Anyway, I met Hec right after their meeting from this hotel and went straight off to a coffee shop near my office for a Frappe. Oh Goddamnit, I just pondered a calorie content of that Frappe. Waaaaaahhh.

Ok kids, another movie to watch - Stardust.

Hec and I watched this movie yesterday, and we loved the story. For me, this is a classic fairytale. A fantasy. Lemme give you a quick review.

There is a young man named Tristan, (Charlie Cox) who tries to win Victoria's (Sienna Miller) heart, by going on a search to get the fallen star as a birthday present for Victoria. So... his quest takes him to a magical and mysterious but forbidden land beyond the WALLS of his village. On his adventurous voyage, Tristan finds the star, which has turned into a girl (can't recall her name but played by Claire Danes). Anyways, Tristan is not the only one looking for the star. There are also four living sons of a King (not to include the ghosts of their three dead brothers) who need the star wager for the throne. So back to Tristan, he also must conquer the evil witch (Michelle Pfeiffer), who badly needs the star for her to be young again. Tristan fights to survive them, until he meets a pirate named Captain Shakespeare (Robert De Niro) along the way..and everything has changed. So... he must win the heart of the star for him to know the meaning of true love. Awww.. sweet. The ending was magical!

I became consumed by the movie right from the beginning and with each minute passing I got more and more excited. I say the flow of the movie was purrrfect! Robert De Niro's part got me laughing, he is a gay pirate here hahaha. Also, the sword fight between Tristan and the King's son made me laugh for the rest of the movie haha. You gotta watch this!

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  1. Michelle Pfeiffer looks briliant on screen. Her acting is worthy of my money.