Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Spirit

"It's beginning to look alot like Christmas..."

We just put up our Christmas Tree in the office on thursday.
This is what we do when we have lots of free time in our hands. The pics where I am in my green striped blouse was just taken last night. Some images are a bit blurry.

Christmas is just around the corner. Oh please, don't forget to wrap my gift. ;)

Today is Hectril's 29th birthday. Please say nice things to him. Hehehe.


  1. hi say! thanks for nice words, I really appreciate it! I feel much better now...

    btw, give my greetings to Hectril! Happy 29th Birthday! ;)heheh

  2. Merry christmas Marie....! Kumusta ka na da....? Have a goodie weekend and happy birthday to Hectril na rin....! =D

  3. nostalgic. still wishing am there amidst you in those photos. but i am peaceful where i am now. i have no choice but to whisper contentment into my heart.

    last forever, marie.