Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Guidelines for Basic Survival

Author: Marie

Lesson One: Have a sense of humor
  • Remember to laugh. don't get your panties knotted up by being too quick to judge sarcasm.
Lesson Two: Accept blame
  • Yup, for what you've done and don't project it onto other people. admit to what you did and who you are.
Lesson Three: Insecurity
  • If you're insecure, it tends to show in some way or another. Some people prey on that, so hold your head up when you can. (we're all a little insecure sometimes). I know one person, though. ha ha ha.
Lesson Four: Know your friends
  • Find out who your friends are and keep them close to you. sometimes they're all you've got. If you don't have any, maybe it's your problem and not everyone else's.
Lesson Five: Do the right thing
  • Do what you're doing for the right reasons, but don't force it on people. all the admiration in the world (for what you are doing) might not make you feel any better about yourself. But don't ever do things just to hurt other people because you are a B***h.
Lesson Six: Everyone is fake
  • Yup. some are more so than others, but everyone is fake. Be careful who you trust. Get over it and move on.
Lesson Seven: Learn from your mistakes.
  • We all make them. Hopefully you make the biggest ones when you're young.
Lesson Eight: Karma
  • Karma will either kick your ass or kiss it. And I still believe in karma's existence. So i will just let karma do its stuff.
Lesson Nine: Fight for it
  • If something really matters to you, don't give up. But remember that not every battle is worth fighting.
Lesson Ten: Know who you are
  • Which most of us yet to learn.
*Please note: do not make assumptions that this post refers to a specific person.

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