Monday, February 11, 2008

Manic Monday

So.. the debut party was ok.. but no fun. Good food? Nah-ah! But the mashed potato was good, so buttery and cheesy! Don't wanna talk more about the party. Pictures will be posted tomorrow.

Hmm.. everyone is so busy today. It's so contagious. Please stop them! Ugh. Anyway, I had a nice relaxing weekend. Saturday was a bit fun. But rainy Sunday afternoon was GREAT!

What could be nicer? Maybe a giant robot with a gun that shot money. *grins*

I have absolutely nothing interesting to write. This would be a lot easier if somehow I could jack my brain into my computer and this blog would read my mind. On second thought, thats probably not the best idea. I promise, I will post something interesting tomorrow... with images. :)

I need a new profile picture!


  1. yeah...really manic! bad thing, we didn't have a barbie doll!

  2. Arrrgghh! I want that doll with her red shoes on! Excited pa naman ko pag ka kita ko. bad bad cla! phhbbt!