Saturday, February 09, 2008

Song For Africa

I'm going to take a moment here and write a serious blog about something we should be aware of or to be a part of.

Song For Africa - raising awareness about the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

I have always wanted to join in any organization and help make a difference. Even if its small. So.. just by writing this I am raising awareness of this cause.

Check the trailer for the documentary on Song For Africa website.

Also, SFA recently had shirts made. check em out. Buy one, and support amazing cause. Or you can buy one for me hahaha.

I don't want to live my life in ignorance
People think it's safe to plead indifference

Why, do people have to die?
It isn't that hard to make a difference
All it takes is a little persistence

I, think we should try.


I will leave you with this video. Don't Give Up Africa - Bono and Alicia Keys

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