Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's How I Am

1 step forward, 83 steps back, 19 steps to the left, 3000 steps some other way. Seems to be the pattern for the month.

Good God, I'm the biggest dork on the face of the earth. Well... i've been told so. And I figured... I'm a little bit odd at times.

I am actually considering the fact that I could be mentally and emotionally screwed up in more ways than one. I know that a lot of people are, if not most. But I feel this case to be a little different. I go off for no reason. I have extreme mood swings, but I usually don't show it. And I know how to hide my feelings. I have phases of extreme joy and excitement in simple things. And then within a day, if not a few hours, I'm in a state where I'm completely displeased with everything. I sometimes take things personally, and become freakishly attached to anyone and everyone.

The more I observe myself, the more things I find that aren't quite usual.

*sigh* I got bored and took this quiz.


  1. Goodie weekend Marie....! Bag-o ni....? Sensya na subong lang nakahapit kay busy gid ko sa work.... =D

  2. I could tell hhehehe. Nope, this is the same blog. I just changed the layout and some parts of it. :)