Thursday, March 06, 2008

Karma Will Get You

I hate how words are typed out, because they can be taken as the exact opposite of what they were supposed to be.

I had this crazy notion that I'm in a place of liked-minded people who would support each other when they needed it. I thought I am in a place or community where intelligent people are. But I am wrong. One person up there is just a "smart-ass". But I'm starting to realize that once you get past a certain number of people, its not a community anymore.

What's the saying? 'You're never so lonely as you are in a city full of people'.

I'm an idealist. I believe karma will do its stuff. I believe in equality, kindness and compassion.

I can't remember saying one mean thing or cursed someone in the past 2 years. And now I feel really bad for all the people who say something that gets misconstrued and everyone turns on them.

I feel sorry for her.

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