Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sweet Escape

Super blogger (that would be me) hasn't updated with a new blog for a few days, so here we go!

I had an amazing weekend. Our trip was surprisingly good.. I wasn't expecting it to be that good, though hehehe! We were having fun the whole time (like normal). Remember I mentioned from my previous entries that this year will consist of a lot of traveling? Yes, that's what i have been wanting to do. And hopefully, I can spend my birthday in Boracay, together with Hectril . I just hope. :)

Fresh air, sunshine, good food, booze, and livin' the life of the party in Boracay can't go wrong.

The Places:
Day 1 - Wassennar Resort in Kalibo(did i spell it right?)
Day 2 - Jawili Falls (Morning; Boracay Island (Afternoon)
Day 3 - Sampaguita Garden

The Music:
Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani
Take You There - Sean Kingston
Starz in Their Eyes - Just Jack

***this Montage will be edited soon, as well with the length of the songs.I can only upload three songs since I'm using a free account. I apologize if you're like "bitin" with the music. But don't sweat.. I can do something about that. ;)


  1. MARIE,

    I lvoe this post. I can't believe I viewed the ENTIRE slideshow. Haha!. It's so "feel good" though sister. I wish I had a little more fun like that in my life.

    I love coming here each day to check in and get my MARIE fix. You're a no nonsense girl and I totally dig that about you.

    I wish you and your relationship nothing nothing but the best. You're doing okay for yourself MARIE, always getting up after a fall to carry on, and being positive while doing so.

    Thanks so much for sharing, continue. I'm a fan! (=- GO TEAM MARIE! (=- *squeeze*

    (I'm updating now so by 3:00 PM Wednesday, 05 March, there should be new news up at my home. You're, of course, ALWAYS welcome.)

  2. Aahhhh.. thanks for the sweet words =)

    That's nature tripping at it's best hahaha! And thanks for always coming here Ted. I really appreciate it.

    Oh.. i love the 'Team Marie' hahaha!